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"We are immensely grateful to Krista for sharing her inspiring story and for empowering our students to believe in themselves and their dreams. Her visit will be remembered as a highlight of our academic year."

Mandi Davis Skerbetz, EdD

Principal, Dallas Academy 

I enjoy connecting with readers of all ages. My presentations are tailor-made to suit your needs. No matter the age group or setting, I always touch on my experience growing up with Dyslexia and promote a message of inclusion.


How a Picture Book

Is Made

Great for young students. Join me in a lively discussion about my picture book series and what it takes to be a professional illustrator.  

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I offer hands-on workshops in shadow puppetry, which is great for all ages, and object theater for older students and adults.


How an Artist Get's Started

Great for older students and adults pursuing creative paths. We will talk about my work in publishing, film, and the themed entertainment industry. Career oriented. 

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