Skill Building, Portfolio Piece- This is a miniature wig that I created to build my skill. 
The wig cap itself is sculpted hot glue and the hair was applied in small sections. 
Harry Potter World, Monster Book- To date, I am most proud of this piece. I got to design and fabricated the hair work for this project. I worked from images of the film puppet. I did an untraditional fur transfer technique in small meaningful sections on silicone. Scissor trimming, feathering, and hair punching were used to create a final look. Sculpted hair spine. Functions I had to consider-snarl, side to side movement, and eye movement. 
Harry Potter World, Boar Head- hair punching/fur transfer. Mimi Palazon and myself did the finishing work on 2 of these. Fur around the neck is transferred in large sections. We used multiple colors of hair and transition from power punching to ones and twos. Functions I had to consider-snarl, side to side head movement, eye movement. Special Consideration- hide forehead hatch.
Shrek Donkey- Mimi Palazon and myself have worked together to punch 3 of these donkeys. We start by marking out fur direction and transition from heavy organic thick fur to single hair around the nose and lips. We typically each take a side and meet in the middle. Final trimming is done with scissors and clippers. Functions we have to consider -mouth open and close
Harry Potter World, Barn Owls- fur and feather laying. I worked on two of the four of these. Functions I had to consider- wing shoulder movement, side to side head movement. Special consideration- hide head hatch and back hatch.
Secret Life of Pets Float- For this project I draped and patterned the fur skins on these characters and did the covering, trimming and finishing work. I also got to go on the installation for this as my supervisors assistant. We did final grooming and maintenance on 28 characters.