Character Heads/Puppets. Figure finishing is responsible for covering our heads, trimming, and creating and placing facial features. This work involves: trimming with clippers, scissors, feathing, picking and hiding seams, working with other department to mary material to movement, and hand sewing.
Sesame-Ongoing refurbishments and creating new character heads. I typically work on the characters you see here most. But I have worked on almost the whole gang.  
Bugs Bunny, Daffy- I developed our covering and finishing method on daffy and finished 12 myself and taught others. I also covered 2 bugs. 
Mickey/Minnie- These are ongoing refurbished and new orders. We mary the skin and fur to the mech, do eye sculpting, grooming, foam fabrication on interior, and fur coverings.  
Roo/tiger puppets- For these I did the trimming work and created facial features. 
Mario/Luigi-Fleece hair covering. Hat fabrication and covering. I've likely done between 10 and 15 of these. 
Olof- Ongoing refurb/new orders. On this particular one I did the final fur trimming work and hand carved the arms before they went to our paint department. In the past I've also done a lot of his fabrication on hsi interior and arms.