About Me


I am an Author-illustrator and a stop-motion artist. I just finished work on the upcoming Netflix animation, Wendell and Wild and have begun work on my second feature film at Laika Studios. I am a Dyslexia advocate. I consider myself lucky to have been diagnosed with Dyslexia at the age of 7 when so many went undiagnosed. While I struggled in school it never let it stop me from achieving my dreams and obtaining both a Bachelor's degree in Theatre Design and Technology (Costume Design) from the University of Evansville and Masters degree in Fine Arts (Puppet Arts) from The University of Connecticut.

Of all my achievements I am most proud of my Dyslexia advocacy work. As often as I can I visit schools, and speak at education conferences about neurodiversity and my personal story in the education system. I often  share my short-film, Partially Compensated, which was inspired by my experience. And I am lucky enough to be partnered with organizations like The International Dyslexia Association and ReelEducation. Which both are doing tremendous work to spread the message of inclusion. 

Please, feel free to contact me if you have any questions, would like to arrange a school visit, or would like more information. kweltner206@gmail.com